• Data collection for national topographic GISs using small scale aerial photography and high resolution satellite images and with a wide range of advanced digital mapping technologies. Including more than 5000 km2 of original geospatial ArcGIS database creation and more than 7000 km2 of map revision
  • Large scale (1:500 or 1″: 40′) mapping for municipalities, local authorities and utility companies (telephone and power networks, drainage systems) according to GIS specifications, a total of 25,000 hectares
  • Construction and geodetic surveying; including: drainage tunnels, runways, and railways construction and the establishment of high precision GPS networks in sea ports and campuses
  • Cadastral surveying services for urban and regional planning including: research and compilation of recorded plans, statutory acts, ownership rights and environmental surveys and subdivision plan of proposed changes
  • Providing surveying services for a wide range of design and civil engineering projects such as: detailed planning (1:250) of subways (~34 km), railways, gas lines installation (500 km) and road design
  • Control Surveying of Natania Tunnels
  • Surveying for the reconstruction of Lane 30-12 in Ben-Gurion Airport
  • Engineering Surveying for the construction of Haifa-Biniamina railway
  • Accurate surveying of geodetic network in Ashdod port
  • Mapping and surveying for planning and execution of Yeoda and Shomron road network more then 300 KM
  •  Mapping, Cadaster surveying and construction surveying of cities construction – Reut, Modiyin, Hazerim
  • Mapping and database creation for municipalities and utilities companies ( telephone, electricity network, drainage system )
  • Data collection for the national GIS of Israel Arc/Info Format
iso 9001 2015 en

In 1997, Halperin Felus Surveying and Photogrammetry LTD has adopted ISO-9001 standards as part of it’s continuing efforts to improve the quality and relevance of it’s work.
Our certification has been renewed in 2015 

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